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Tungray Singapore Pte Ltd
Year 2023
October 2023

Tungray Singapore Pte Ltd

12 Oct 2023

Tungray Singapore Pte Ltd
31 Mandai Estate #02-01 Innovation Place
Singapore 729933

Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd
2 International Business Park #07-05/06
The Strategy Tower 1
Singapore 609930

To Whom It May Concern,

I am honored to extend this formal endorsement for Synergix Technologies to any enterprise in search of a robust and efficient ERP software to enhance their operational effectiveness.

The software provided by Synergix Technologies has been instrumental in helping us achieve several pivotal objectives. One notable feature is the capability to archive all project-related data on the Inventory BOM page. This feature grants us swift access to historical project details, thereby substantially aiding in the execution of subsequent projects with similar or identical requirements.

Additionally, the system’s holistic approach allows for the capture of all project-associated costs at each phase, spanning from procurement through to fabrication and delivery. This comprehensive logging ensures that upon a project’s culmination, we are equipped with a detailed cost-benefit analysis.

Furthermore, the Synergix ERP meticulously tracks each project phase. The resultant transparency and data are then amalgamated into a dashboard, furnishing managers with an expansive project overview, pivotal for informed decision-making.

Beyond the system’s technical merits, our collaboration with the Synergix team has been nothing short of exemplary. The assistance rendered by their help desk personnel has greatly enriched our experience.

In conclusion, our sincere gratitude goes out to the entire Synergix team for their unwavering commitment to excellence.
Yours Sincerely,

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