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York Launch Service Pte Ltd
Year 2019
February 2019

York Launch Service Pte Ltd

27 Feb 2019

Our company, York Launch Service Pte Ltd, has been using Synergix ERP software since 2007, and it has brought us many significant advantages over 11 years.

During our planning for the new ERP system, we listed a few critical requirements such as Service Price List Maintenance and AR invoice processing entry. These were features we did not have before, and these deficiencies decreased our productivity as well as the speed of completion of financial statements.

In order to overcome the difficulties and improve our system, we finally decided to choose Synergix as an ERP software provider due to their positive reputation and good value they bring. With a team of enthusiasm and responsibility, Synergix’s team always listen to our requirements regarding the system usage and designed the customisations in a way which streamlined the work of our departments. Besides, in the process of using the software, their staff supported us timely with high accuracy. We are fully conscious of cooperating with a local company which is very professional and is keen to understand our business as well as satisfies our needs.

We are satisfied with the outstanding service and responsive support of Synergix. We will recommend this company to our business partners.

Yours Sincerely,

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