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5 Effective Tips for Improving Businesses’ Efficiency Using ERP System
03 August 2021
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system used by organizations to manage their business processes. Nowadays, companies of all sizes, from SMEs to MNCs, have embarked on the digitization journey in order to become more streamlined, prompting them to implement an ERP system. Adopting one is no longer unusual in recent years, as an ERP system ....
How to Overcome Challenges In The Manufacturing Industry
26 July 2021
We are over halfway through 2021, and obviously, it is not easy for manufacturers. In fact, they have to deal with various obstacles like the covid 19 pandemic, the skill gap, the increasing demand of customers, etc. However, everything has its own solution and the manufacturing industry is still expected to continuously grow in the future. In thi....
How Cloud HRM System Improves Businesses’ Efficiency
16 July 2021
As one of the most helpful business solutions, the Human Resource Management (HRM) solutions are already put into service by various enterprises of all sizes and industries. To power up the advantage of this solution, many enterprises are gradually adopting cloud-based HRM platforms. In this article, we would like to clarify the roles of Cloud HR....
Top benefits that a CRM solution brings to your enterprise
12 July 2021
CRM solution is an important part of Synergix ERP System. But what is CRM? And what are its benefits? CRM solution, or Customer Relationship Management solution is a vital tool that enables businesses to store, manage and segment data on customer data including customer interactions such as user behavior, purchase histories, notes on sales contac....
4 Ways An ERP System Can Benefit Field Service Management Businesses
02 July 2021
As other industries, Field Service Management (FSM) always aims at achieving higher productivity and providing an excellent customer experience, specifically when the nature of work gets operation performed outside the office. For this industry, service job performance determines the satisfaction of customers. Hence, it is helpful for field servi....
Big Data Analytics In ERP System | ERP Software
16 June 2021
Across the entire spectrum of industries these days, the Enterprise Planning Resource system (ERP system) has been the backbone of various businesses. Its impacts become more remarkable when many of them find out the system becomes more effective while going along with cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data, IoT or AI. In this article, we wou....