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Discover the current technological updates that will aid in your business process.
5 Ways ERP Software Can Leverage Non-office Workers’ Life
08 September 2021
Blue-collar workers make up a significant portion of the global workforce but unfortunately, only a small percentage of deskless workers are able to apply technology in this era of rapid technological change. The majority of their daily tasks are still manually completed, which takes a lot of time and effort. In this article, we would like to clar....
Critical Steps For A Successful ERP Implementation
01 September 2021
Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP system) has unlocked businesses’ potentials and brought them many benefits. However, several businesses now still struggle to understand how ERP solutions work and how the implementation is done. To have a successful ERP system implementation, below are critical steps that businesses should keep in mi....
Top 6 benefits that Accounting software brings to businesses
23 August 2021
These days, business owners have realised that managing finance manually is not efficient and effective. That is the reason why they started utilising an accounting system which is supposed to help them manage their budget more productively. In this article, we would like to analyse several benefits that Accounting Software can bring to your busin....
The Roles Of Erp Solution In Boosting Businesses’ Strategic Planning
16 August 2021
A company’s future steps are decided through strategic planning. Nowadays, as business environments are becoming more sophisticated, managers may need to plan their strategies more carefully and ERP software may become their right-hand man. Without a strategic plan, activities of an enterprise may become disjointed and counterproductive, eve....
Common Challenges in Trading & Distribution Industry
09 August 2021
Trading & Distribution (T&D) industry has been an integral part of economic growth. These days, the ever-evolving economic scenario drives T&D businesses to become more competitive than ever, and they have to face several challenges. Although T&D businesses are diverse in operation modes, the challenges they are facing are relative....
The integration of Synergix ERP system with IoT solution for manufacturing industry
09 August 2021
Integrating ERP systems with IoT (Internet of  Things) solutions is not something new nowadays. This trend appeared a long time ago and still continues to become more and more popular because of its benefits to every industry, especially manufacturing. In fact, this combination is a huge step that helps manufacturers improve production effici....